‘In May 2014 I had a major cycle accident which led to serious, almost fatal injuries. In consequence I broke my jaw in several places and severed a large part of my upper lip leading to noticeable asymmetry and misalignment. Dr Mica’s unparalleled skill and expertise in her field has enabled me to gradually reconstruct the damaged parts of my face to reduce the appearance of my injuries. This has not been a simple task given the scar tissue and swelling that months on continues but I can honestly say I now look and feel like a new person. My confidence has been restored hugely. Mica is a talented, skilled and highly professional practitioner. Her medical background (as a GP) gives an edge to her practice which means I would never consider going elsewhere. You can trust Dr Mica implicitly.

Anna. London

”Dr. Michele is an angel and actually said no to giving me some treatments?! I wanted to get everything done. Instead she wanted to monitor me on some prescription skin products (Obagi and SkinCeuticals) for about 6 weeks, then I had a mild skin peel. My skin repaired significantly but being in my early 30s I had some wrinkles that I couldn’t shake so I get the baby-tox injections to plump out the minor lines and prevent new ones, it doesn’t give you that ‘frozen’ look. As Cosmetica is based in same location as Hair Salon you can pop in discretely which is always a bonus. Receptionist makes a lovely latte as well!!”

Ellen. Brighton

”I just wanted to say, after having had botox and filler by a few of the Harley Street (self promoting) ‘Botox Kings’, that your work is in a completely different league. I am amazed at how natural and accomplished your work is, twice now you have achieved results that no other practitioner has got close to. I’ve had enough treatments over the past few years to know that both Botox and Fillers require a practitioner with an innate artistic eye and a solid technical understanding of facial anatomy, you have both these qualities in vast amounts, and additionally your calm and friendly manner make the whole experience enjoyable. You are seriously amazing at what you do. Thank you”

James. West London

“I am 36 years old and have been getting botox for ten years with many practitioners. Nowadays Mica is the only one I will let near me. I ask her to give me a very natural look with movement & expression, which she does but she uses it cleverly to prevent any lines forming & I couldn’t recommend her enough. I am frequently complimented by fellow users, but botox virgins are none the wiser.”

Elizabeth, corporate finance analyst

“I work with people every day and it’s important in my role as a presenter to feel confident when I am talking and discussing my work. Dr Mica helps with a very professional Botox service by not over doing it to make me look ‘fake’ but gives just enough to make me look fresh and give that ‘just back from holiday look’, even when I might be a little worse for wear!”

Thanks Mica – Terry x Senior Medical Scientist

“I always feel welcomed at Cosmetica, not only for the amazing professionalism and experience of Dr. Mica, but for the great hospitality and personal touch the clinic offers. I have tried a few cosmetic clinics before, but have never been so satisfied with the results as I am with my treatments at Cosmetica.”

Alexandra Molina Vinter – Buying manager at Yum! Brands

“What an amazing day. Arrived at Cosmetica to be greeted by 2 stunning lady’s with balloons, cake and a bottle of Prosecco for my birthday, what a lovely surprise!, moreover Singing happy birthday with the warmest welcome. I can honestly say your professionalism and after care is amazing, taking great care hence we sat and laughed, so looking forward to going for my touch up. It’s more than a job well done. Great company with lots of heart and soul. Oh my what a difference my face looks amazing and very natural !!!! ( feel¬†and look ten years younger)”

Thanks girls xxxxxx Rob, Dance Teacher

“Cosmetica are absolute professionals and always a joy to visit. I have used the services of a couple of doctors in London and Dr Mica is by far the best out there. She makes you feel totally at ease and I am always more than happy with the results. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.”

Matt – Managing Director

“I contacted Cosmetica after a friend recommended Dr Mica. I was very anxious on my first visit but she completely put me at ease with her friendly and caring approach. Dr Mica explained the process of Botox and that I would need to come back for a check-up and a possible small top up once everything had settled. Following my top up I couldn‚Äôt be happier with the results which have given me a fresh but natural look. Her professionalism but relaxed & friendly attitude really made all the difference. I can‚Äôt recommend Cosmetica enough.”

Stephen Stone – Managing Director City Pad Brighton

“I have been visiting Cosmetica for just over a year. Dr Engel always makes me feel comfortable, safe and at ease. I have had a few procedures including Botox and a filler. All painless with immediate results. I feel younger and much more confident than in my appearance than before! I would fully recommend a visit to Cosmetica if you are thinking of any preventive beauty treatments.”

Linzi, Aged 39.

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