Peel with NO DOWNTIME!

Now you can manage your busy lifestyle and bring out your inner glow!

Blue peel radiance is a superficial salicylic acid based peel. Used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scarring, uneven skin tone, skin texture and mild sun damage. After one peel your skin will be glowing with instant results. Leaving your skin tighter, brighter, smoother and fresher.



Beautiful results after 1 application; even more radiant skin after 4 peels.

For the best results, it may be recommended to use 1 peel every 2-4 weeks, for a total series of 4-6 peels.


Mesotherapy & PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) 


Years go by, stress, hormonal imbalances and external aggressions such as sun, cold and pollution play a negative role on the quality of the skin.

Fine lines and wrinkles appear, skin becomes thinner, duller and loses its elasticity due to the loss of hyaluronic acid naturally present in the skin.

Cosmetica London is now offering two new treatments to help combat the signs of tired, dull and ageing skin.

Mesotherapy – Using the U225 mesogun for pain-free injections

Mesotherapy works by using the pain-free, U225 mesogun which produces multiple micro-injections into the superficial dermis of the skin while injecting resorbable implant composed of Hyaluronic acid + Rejuvenating complex. This stimulates collagen production which hydrates, preserves and restores radiance of the skin, fills fine lines and smooths wrinkles and protects the skin from oxidising agents.

This treatment is best carried out over the course of 3 or more, depending on the area being treated, usually about a month apart.

PRP & HA (Platelet Rich Plasma combined with Hyaluronic Acid)

Introductory Offer – 10% off 1 session and 15% off 3 sessions

A revolutionary innovation in skincare combining two treatments concepts in one for natural results.

The ‘Vampire Facial’ or ‘Dracula Therapy’ are all used to describe PRP treatment, which in technical terms, is Platelet Rich Plasma. It involves extracting a small amount of blood from the patient’s arm and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma – the fluid part – from the red and white blood cells.

The concentrated plasma, which is rich in platelets – the part of the blood rich with growth factors – is then injected into the face. When combined with Hyaluronic Acid, the key molecule involved in skin moisture, the effects are even more noticeable.

    • Increases the production of collagen
    • Enhances skin elasticity, tone and thickness
    • Creates a volumising effect
    • Hydrating

We use the U225 mesogun for pain-free micro-injections. No anaesthetic required!

A course of 3 treatments is best advised, spaced a month apart.

Click here to view the prices


Harmony XL Pro Laser Machine Is Here!

ClearLift Offer

Enjoy 20% off on ONE session or  25% off on a course of 6 treatments

A complete, all-inclusive solution

The Harmony XL Pro laser machine is a powerful, all-in-one solution for all of your aesthetic needs. Using breakthroughs in medical aesthetic research and technology, Harmony helps to stop the clock from head to toe, with a wide variety of treatment solutions customised to your specific needs.

Optimal Results

Harmony offers combined treatment options that give you faster, longerlasting results, with fewer treatment sessions and minimal downtime. Rediscover your natural beauty and renew your confidence with optimal results from the start.

Your Safety is our Priority

All Harmony treatments are effective, reliable and have a first-rate safety record proven in extensive clinical studies. The treatments are suitable for all areas of the body, all skin types, and address the specific concerns of all age groups -from teens to older adults.


      • Harmony ClearLift
        – Skin Tightening
        – Anti-Ageing (wrinkles/fine lines)
        – Photodamage/uneven skin tone
      • Harmony ClearSkin – Acne Skins
        – Acne vulgaris including papules, pustules, and nodules
        – Diminishing the appearance of acne scars by stimulating collagen renewal
        – Achieves clearer, smoother complexion with lasting results
      • Harmony iPixel – Skin Resurfacing
        – Improves skin tone, elasticity & texture
        – Increases moisture content
        – Reduces superficial pigmentation and pore size
      • Harmony Tattoo Removal
        – Successful multi-colour application laser
        – Minimal risk of scarring or hypopigmentation
      • Harmony Dye VL – Pigmentation & Vascular
        – Vascular lesions
        – Redness
      • Harmony Impact – Tone & Texture
        – Treats a variety of indications

A course of treatments is recommended with all of our laser applications. Some patients will see instant results after just one treatment but results will vary from person to person. It’s mandatory to have a consultation and patch test before undergoing any laser treatments at the clinic. Our Laser Specialist has had years of hands-on experience using the best laser machines on the market and understanding all skin conditions while recommending the best treatment package to go for.

Click here to view: ClearLift Brochure
Click here to view: ClearSkin – Acne Brochure
Click here to view: Harmony Price List

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