We understand that each client has their specific requirements in a facial treatment and each a differing skin type that will behave in its unique way.

Introduce your skin to a new breed of facials with AMICA Skincare, formulated by Dr Mica Engel. An advanced cosmeceutical product range treating all skin types.  All facials are bespoke and personalised for your skin’s individuals needs. All treatments include a thorough consultation and skin analysis.


New patients – £25.00
Existing patients – £25.00
*This fee is required as a deposit at the time of booking the appointment. It is redeemable against products or treatments taken on or after the consultation*

Kombuchka Radiance Facial – 1hr £132.00 

What is Kombucha, you ask? 

Kombucha or ‘fungal tea’ has remained a tradition in Asia for centuries, not just for its pleasing taste but because it is believed to contribute to longevity.

Not surprisingly the ingredient has found its way into skincare, particularly for anti-ageing. Dr Engel Natural Skincare Kombuchka Creme is shown to balance the skin’s pH and to be a natural astringent (a contraction of skin cells), helping to minimise pores and removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin softer. What’s more, its rich vitamins and organic acid content can help fight off pollution.

If you are in need of a  skin TLC, we have good news, Dr Engel Natural Skincare presents the Kombuchka Radiance Facial with amazing eight benefits into one treatment, and suitable for all skin types.


> Antioxidant and anti-pollution protection
> Makes the skin more luminous
> Helps with fading lines
> Minimising pores
> Improving elasticity
> Smoothing texture
> Boosting healthy tone
> Improving hydration

Collagen Boost Facial – 1hr £132.00 

Looking for a treatment to revitalise and energise dull, dehydrated skin? Then the Collagen Boost Facial is the one for you. Book in with Nuria Maestro, Cosmetica’s Aesthetic Therapist who created this procedure for those who aren’t quite ready for invasive procedures but need fast results.

Within the hour your skin will be treated to a thorough deep pore cleanse, exfoliating enzymes or superficial peel (to brighten), a unique massage technique (to sculpt and relax), Harmony’s Impact module device (for deeper penetration of detoxifying serums), LED light therapy (to repair, replenish, rejuvenate the collagen in the skin), mask (to promote brightening and collagen production) and finally….an ampule made of concentrated ingredients to boost hydration and radiance within the skin.

AMICA Signature Facial – 1hr £132.00 

After a thorough consultation, your skin will be prepped with a bespoke mini peel and extractions to deep cleanse the skin’s surface and pores. Following this, a medley of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants will be administered to the skin with a non-invasive, gentle hydra-jet. This unique practice treats the skin on a level topical products alone cannot. After which a mask is chosen to soothe and nourish the skin and keep the pores clean.

Oxygen Infusion Facial – 1hr 15mins £154.00 

Let your skin breathe with our unique signature facial complemented with bursts of oxygen to help heal and plump stressed and tired skin. Oxygen is essential to cell function, and this includes our skin. Travel, living in a city, or working in a climate-controlled environment all expose our skin to damaging free radicals which have an adverse effect on our skin’s functions. In this bespoke treatment, O2 is liberally applied to the skin to reinforce the skin’s integrity and vitality. Perfect for skin rejuvenation on all skin types including even the most sensitive.

Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Boost Facial  – 1hr 15mins £165.00 

Looking for a facial to achieve plump, smooth, and hydrated skin? Look no further. The Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Boost Facial has all the bells and whistles which visibly brings tired-looking complexions back to life. We’re talking lifted, supple, elastic, glowing skin (and not forgetting the plump, smooth and hydrated as well).

Within the 1 hour and 15mins, your skin will be treated to a thorough cleanse, a pyruvic peel (to exfoliate without drying the skin), lactic acid (a natural moisturiser), Hydrodermabrasion (to detoxify, rehydrate and replenish), extractions (if you have any left), hyaluronic acid nanomask (intense hydration, reduces fine lines and repairs deep wrinkles), Celluma LED light therapy (to repair and rejuvenate) and finally, a relaxing massage (to aid lymphatic drainage) and an application of SPF50 so we can let you leave the clinic! Go on – treat yourself to a younger-looking skin today!

AMICA ‘Everything’ Facial – 1hr 30mins £187.00 

The EVERYTHING is our most elite of facials. Beginning with a mini peel and extractions to exfoliate, deep cleanse, and detox the skin. After this, a mix of vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants are cherry-picked for you, and oxygen infusion delivers these to your skin’s surface. Our hydra-jet will give the skin a thorough boost, helping to clarify it.

After your skin has been rebalanced and corrected, a non-invasive specialised Radiofrequency and LED light therapy is used to plump and nourish your collagen supply by means of increased hydration levels within the skin.

The finale is the use of our IMPACT™ machine which works by gentle acoustic sound waves that absorb our advanced cosmeceutical products deeper into the (trans-epidermal) skin tissue.

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