Bespoke Laser Facial

Whether you want instant radiance or a complete skin overhaul, the Bespoke Laser Facial is results-focused using a combination of technology devices and manual techniques. A personalised treatment which targets individual skin concerns. If you want a treatment that makes a real, visible, difference, you know where to go, to get the glow!

Bespoke Laser Facial is based on time (30mins, 60mins & 90mins) as opposed to a specific treatment. During your initial consultation with our Aesthetic Therapist, a treatment plan will be prescribed, and each session will be tailored to how the skin’s condition is at the time. 

Using a combination of our laser treatments, LED red and blue light therapy (excellent for problem skin, collagen production & rejuvenation and healing the skin), Meso Micro-Needling, lymphatic massage, skin peels and masks and Impact module which uses acoustic wave technology to deliver topical ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin.

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